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Edible mushroom chips are snacks made from fresh edible mushrooms embrittlement at low temperature under vacuum. It is a new kind of high-tech food in the world in recent years, because the operation at low temperature can greatly preserve the color, aroma and taste of food. The loss of natural pigments and aromatic substances of shiitake mushrooms can be reduced to a very low degree, and vitamin C can be maintained more than 90%, so the production of low temperature vacuum embrittlement technology makes the loss of nutrients of edible fungi less, and maintains the original color, giving people the feeling of returning to simplicity, it can also be used as a ready to eat leisure, health food, camping fast food, wine, and American breakfast. Salad garnishes, etc.

"Mushroom" edible mushroom crisp features

(1) Three unchanged "- that is, the color, nutrition and taste of the product do not change.

(2) No reduction, no increase - the product does not reduce anything except moisture; The product adds nothing but taste.

(3) High nutrition - The use of international advanced HACCP quality control system, the use of international advanced vacuum embrittlement technology, double permeability and double permeability dehydration technology, advanced and healthy processing technology to a large extent to retain the nutrients and trace elements in fruits and vegetables.

(4) Non-bulking - The production process of the product has no bulking process, and the vacuum low-temperature oil bath dehydration technology is used.

(5) High fiber - the product is rich in dietary fiber, has a strong sense of satiety, nutrition and health without weight gain.

"Mushroom Da" the advantages of casual edible mushroom crisp

(1) High-quality edible mushroom raw materials to ensure product quality, selected Biyang high-quality edible mushroom raw materials.

(2) Advanced technology and unique technology is the core competitiveness, the international advanced limit vacuum low temperature embrittlement technology, keep the color, nutrition, taste of raw materials three unchanged, truly meet the pursuit of consumers "taste nature".

(3) The edible mushroom crisp greatly retains the color, taste and nutritional composition of the raw materials, without any chemical additives.

(4) It has the advantages of high nutrition, high dietary fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals.

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