Land resources. The county has 1.54 million mu of cultivated land, continuous non-polluting grass slope 1.12 million mu, tussah slope 500,000 mu. The county area is wide, the soil resources are rich and diverse, the land is fertile, and the cultivation is rich, which is suitable for planting general crops and special cash crops. It is the province's grain-producing county, the province's high-quality grain project construction key county, the province's agricultural characteristics leading industry key county, the province's oil doubling plan key county.

Forest resources. Biyang is rich in forest resources, suitable for a wide variety of tree species, only trees, shrubs, fruit trees reached more than 300 species, the county has basically formed a "south pear, north jujube central peach, county chestnut and mixed fruit" forest fruit industry development pattern, among which Magutian forest fruit has been included in the national agricultural standardization demonstration project. The forestry land area of the county is 1.72 million mu, the woodland area is 1.34 million mu, and the forest coverage rate is 43.3%.

Water resources. There are 65 large and medium-sized reservoirs in the territory, including 1 large reservoir (Songjiachang reservoir), 22 large and medium-sized rivers, more than 2,500 Tangyan DAMS, and the annual growth rate of more than 100, with a total water storage of 700 million cubic meters. It can cultivate 80,000 mu of water surface, and the annual total amount of aquatic products is 26 million tons. Freshwater aquaculture has broad prospects, and is rated as the province's advanced county of fishery production.

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