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The company pays attention to industrial scientific and technological innovation and integrates to drive development, and has established long-term industry-university-research cooperation with Henan Agricultural University, Huanghuai College, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other colleges and research institutes, and is jointly committed to the research and development of new edible fungus culture and edible fungus deep product production and processing. The company pays attention to the leadership of science and technology, and increases the introduction and training of talents. There are 196 employees, including 35 professional and technical personnel. The company attaches importance to the research and development of new products and new processes, to the pursuit of nutrition, convenience, safety, green food production and management development as the goal, to ensure that products natural, green, nutrition, convenience as the pursuit, adhering to the "market-oriented, user-centered, quality for development, management for protection" business philosophy, Strive to bring the healthiest ingredients in the most convenient form to benefit the majority of consumers.

Henan Tianzhong Yilong food Co., LTD

A set of edible mushroom cultivation, research and development, production, trade as one of the national high-tech enterprises

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